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Zachary Austin inside Tulsa October 18, 2017, 2:57 PM

What is your age?
18 to 30 years

I am best described as a ...
Working professional

Time living/working in the Tulsa area
0 to 7 years, since PLANiTULSA was adopted

Familiarity with PLANiTULSA
Followed PLANiTULSA, but did not actively participate

Interest in city planning and local government
Other - Want to develop better housing options

PLANiTULSA concepts I care about. (1=not important, 5=very important)

The PLANiTULSA Progress Report identifies activities to focus on over the next the next 5 years. Click on each item for details.

From this list, what are YOUR priorities? (click/drag/drop)
Enhance Housing Choices, Conduct Small Area Planning, Coordinate Development Process, Transportation Planning, and Capital Improvement Program

How are you most likely to participate in PLANiTULSA's implementation over the next several years? (1=not likely; 5=most likely)

How did you find out about this topic and survey?
City of Tulsa website

Please share your thoughts on the PLANiTULSA process, including ways to expand community engagement and participation.
Keep active, producing videos is good but creating engagement through social media is better. People care about the city they live in but they are not certain what they can do beyond raising awareness of issues

Name not shown inside District 2 October 7, 2017, 9:05 AM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Connection to walking trails via Tulsa Transit would be a good start, I believe. Hoping when the Gathering Place is complete, that public transportation will be available to reach this great park!

For my district, Reed park is a local treasure. The community center there provides great options to exercise. Maintaining or expanding this center could be an option. Maybe pave the current gravel walking trails in the park? :) And definitely keep Reed pool open. It is a staple every summer for my kids.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Tulsa has a vibrant community of mental health professionals. Family and Children's services comes to mind. We should partner with this and other MH orgs to coordinate care for those with less resources. i.e. habitual inmates with mental health issues, the poor, etc. Investment in mental health now could save money in the future and produce productive and happy citizens, instead of inmates or homelessness.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
I'm not a financial whiz, so I'll leave this one to the experts. But, of course, jobs are key. I know Goodwill does good work helping those with employment issues. One thing that comes to mind is a person that has a felony record has a nearly impossible time finding a job.

Name not shown inside District 2 October 7, 2017, 8:51 AM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
I believe we're doing a great job already! However, for citizens like me many options are out of reach due to high prices, i.e. BOK center events, Tulsa PAC, etc. BUT the Guthrie Green is a favorite of mine, as it is free. Please consider more free/low cost options like Guthrie green.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Walkability is key. Clear street markings like pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, median paint, etc. Many of our streets have faded pedestrian zone paint, or none at all. This, of course, coincides with safe, clean sidewalks!

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
First off, no bail and no jail time for minor, non-violent drug offenses. Jailing citizens for minor infractions like this only builds resentment toward law enforcement. The mayor's idea for a "dry" house for those arrested for public drunk or other minor, non-violent offenses is a good direction.

I would enjoy having town-hall style meetings with my local LEO's. Regular meetings at Zarrow library for my part of town would be great. I would attend.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
I'm speaking for the Redfork area. Tulsa Transit recently removed route 118 and replaced it with a very inefficient circular route. I rode route 118 daily for many, many years for work, getting to downtown, shopping, etc. To this day I cannot understand the logic of changing this route. My fellow riders and neighbors were very upset about this. I recommend that this route be reinstated, and in the future move carefully forward while expanding service without having proper funding. i.e. this route was removed because of the money needed for the Peoria project and expanded Sunday service. This move disrupted many lives in the Redfork area!

Name not shown inside District 4 October 6, 2017, 11:48 AM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
I live in midtown and would like to see wider sidewalks that have more separation from traffic on the arterial streets. I realize this may be difficult with existing infrastructure. But I imagine what the neighborhoods around me could be like if we could walk within a square mile or so without feeling endangered by vehicular traffic. Downtown already has made progress in walkability, and that could happen for neighborhoods. I want to feel okay about walking to the grocery or a drugstore just a half mile (up 15th street) from my neighborhood. As it is, I drive because the route is not very pedestrian friendly.

Being able to incorporate walking into daily routines is vital to physical health. If more attention is given to sidewalks as routes to services, more will use them. We live in a rather compact area here with all kinds of medical and shopping options within walking distance.

Lorraine Clopp inside District 6 September 29, 2017, 5:22 PM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Better discipline. too many students disrespect teachers and disrupt classes. A teacher cannot teach when she is always correcting unruly students.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Make sure Tech schools offer training in areas that companies need employees.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
DO NOT SELL ANY MORE OF OUR RIVERSIDE FOR COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT. they have the whole city to build for retail... The riverside should be for the whole city to enjoy with parks, etc. The people inside the casino could care less that there is a river behind them - but their enormous building and parking lots prevent others from seeing
the river.

Lorraine Clopp inside District 6 September 29, 2017, 5:12 PM

If they are art deco definitely save them!!!!! if they have historical status save them... if they are just common useless buildings then demolish or rebuild...

Name not shown inside District 4 September 29, 2017, 3:57 PM

Please select all of the things that you currently participate in or have participated in at the City of Tulsa in the last 2 years.
Volunteer for Charitable Giving Campaign Activity, Attend Tulsa Spirit Hosted Events (e.g. Fall Festival, picnic, etc.), Attend Health Fair, Complete the All Employee Survey, Work with Urban Data Pioneers. UDP teams meet to identify a problem, ask questions, analyze data and produce a visual analytic report., Participate in Innovation Champions (LEAN/Six Sigma). Innovation Champions learn tools for how to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction. They do approx. 24 hours of class time and a project., Attend Leadership U. This program helps existing and future leaders identify their leadership style and learn ways to improve leadership skills, while also getting a better understanding of all the work going on throughout the City., Receive a Years of Service Pin, Receive a Tulsa Blue Award, Read MyFoundation Newsletter, Have received a Discretionary Payraise. Not the same as SPIs. Discretionary raises are when a manager has the ability to increase pay based upon performance to an amount within the existing pay scale for the position., Serve on a safety committee

For each, how effective do you think it is at impacting morale?

You've got 25 dots to 'spend' to promote positive morale for employees. How would you spend them?
Tulsa Spirit Hosted Events (e.g. Fall Festival, picnic, etc.) (1), Improving training (2), Discretionary Payraises (2)

What have you seen other cities or businesses do to improve morale for employees that the City might be able to implement?
Pay increase, better benefits, more training, tuition reimbursement

How would you rate the organization at each element of delivering world-class service (1=Very Poor, 5=Excellent)?

You've got 25 dots to 'spend'. How would you spend them on these programs to deliver quality service?
Improving Training (1), Discretionary Payraises (2), SPIs (2)

Name not shown inside District 2 September 28, 2017, 6:06 PM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Guided exercise equipment in parks.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
A dedicated mental health facility and proliferation of information about mental health and how to reach assistance.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Teach financial responsibility in all high schools, colleges and universities in Tulsa. Provide free online seminars to residents and advertise the seminars through all levels of Tulsa societies.

Name not shown inside District 2 September 28, 2017, 5:56 PM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Provide after hours study areas or facilities. Someplace not too restrictive so kids have a place to do homework or find tutors. More casual than the libraries, restricted to just kids.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Focus on small manufacturing, instead of just the large companies. Emphasis on the transportability from Tulsa to the rest of the country.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
There is a lot to do and see in Tulsa, but it seems difficult to find all the activities, as they are not listed in one place. A single website for everything would be helpful. Not just a site for the PAC, or another site for the BOK, or another site for Guthrie Green etc.

Name not shown inside District 2 September 28, 2017, 5:33 PM

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Advertise in magazines and on national tv.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Instead of painted lines, colored domed reflectors are used on the roadways instead. Greatly increases lane visibility and gives an audible indication if the lane is crossed.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
After school care or centers for children over 12. Gives them a place to go without being in a negative environment. Reducing crime needs to be proactive instead of reactive.

(Please limit your response to 250 words)
Timed routes with posted schedules at the stops.